Colour Me Happy with Stef Brunetti 🌈

Colour Me Happy with Stef Brunetti 🌈

Meet Melbourne Mum Stef Brunetti

Her joyful insta account @stefbrunetti_ is all about family, fun, fashion and a riot of colour! Delivered with such honesty ~ we know you will fall in love with Stef and her family of seven! We were lucky enough to chat to Stef about all things Insta, her family and her plans for the holidays!

Tell us how you got into the world of Social media content creation and what do you enjoy most about it?

I feel like I just landed into this world without even knowing it was a thing. I was taking photos of Valentina and her outfits when a few people suggested I enter a Brand Rep Competition (in October 2018) with online kids boutique Hey Little. We won and I guess that’s where it all began. We repped for various brands and online stores which lead to loads of exposure to my page especially with international followers.

I have learnt a lot over the past 3 years with what appeals to people and I have found that more than anything people want REAL life. Real kids, real families and they love to support small businesses. My favourite thing about content creating is the connections I have made with people online. From my very loyal and amazing followers to my fellow Insta-mums and the very talented designers and kids fashion super stars. 

What is your favourite thing to do with the family on summer weekends?

Our favourite thing to do as family in summer on the weekends would definitely have to be a combination of a swim at the beach followed by dinner out. Which usually consists of pizza and wine! 😂

Fun at Brighton Bath Box wearing the Autumn Floppy Hat

The best piece of advice you wish you could go back and give yourself at the beginning of your parenting journey is….

Be kind to yourself and always follow your gut instinct. Stand up for what you think is right even if that means you’re going to upset people. Do not sweat the small stuff, enjoy every stage as hard as they may feel at times as it all goes by so fast. Travel as much as you can and create memories with them. And lastly invest in a sleep consultant if you have a tricky sleeper! 🥴

Stef in Bande Studio Dress

How do you manage some time for you in amongst the day to day juggle with five kids?

I wake at 5.30 am and go to F45 and it is my release. I only started doing this 12 weeks ago and it has been life changing. It is now my release, it sets me up and prepares me for the day. I have found I am a better person now as I have had some alone time and I can focus and concentrate on everyone else in my family for the rest of the day. 

Mushroom Frayed Bucket Hat and Strawberry Frayed Bucket Hat

Do you have a top pick from the Acorn Summer range?

Oh it’s tough but I really love the Coco hat which I know will be my go to all summer long. 

Stef in the Coco Straw Hat for Adults

For more of Stef and her colour filled insta follow her at @stefbrunetti_ 🌈

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Thanks Stef for chatting with us! xx 🌈

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